Weed Grinder: Ultimate User’s Guide
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Weed Grinder: Ultimate User’s Guide

Weed Grinder: Ultimate User’s Guide

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Still, newbie stoner but feel like getting that ounce of cherry OG right away? Wanna go impressing friends with your skills at smoking weed? What’s stopping you? Nothing, if you mean to be cool and look stylish among the gang. Well, there’s one important thing, you have to learn how to use the grinder. Then, it will be not just a show off, but a quite convincing action of a real pro. Though there isn’t a lot of talk about grinders, but it’s an absolutely needful accessory that any advanced cannaseur should have. Of course, there is a certain instruction on the use of grinder and “Chillabis” experts truthfully share it in this article. You’ll find all useful information about this indispensable tool.

What on Earth is a Grinder?

Marijuana terms sound like an unusual version of slang, which came to us from real connoisseurs of ganja. Some terms are generally difficult to explain, for example sploof or chronic. It’s just weed slang, with no explanation. Grinder is quite a modern word, does not belong to the category of stupid expressions. And it’s very comprehensible, without much thought of what it means.

So what does the grinder look like?  It’s a compact container that is meant to crush small pieces of some substance. Yes, very similar to a mini-coffee grinder, by the way, you can chop some coffee. Joke. Inside this container there’re special teeth, shredding weed nugs to the required level. Grinding dense strains by hand would take tons of time, so we use our weed grinder. First of all, let’s look at what components the grinder consists of, and what types of it can be.

What Parts Does the Grinder Consist of?

Usual chopper consists of three parts:

  • shredding sector;
  • teeth for crushing;
  • covering seal;

Grinders can be of numerous sizes and it’s important to know which one is right for you. Before you buy it, think how much weed you’re going to crush daily. This will help you choose the size you need.

Today, three main types of grinders are known:

  • two-piece (1 chamber);
  • three-piece (2 chamber);
  • four-piece (3 chamber).

Names sound very unusual, so we will try to explain everything clearly.

Two-Piece (Single Chamber)

Two-component grinders consist of a bowl and a lid that covers it. The bowl is small and resembles a hockey puck. This is a peculiar capacity called a single chamber. The second component is a lid, so this type of grinder’s called a two-piece. Bowl plus lid make up one thing. It’s as simple as that. If you got this right, we’ll move on.

Three-Piece (2-chamber)

Now be extremely careful to get everything right. To a regular two-piece grinder (with a bowl and a lid) add another component to the bottom. It turns out to be a three-piece grinder, although it still has two-chambers. Let’s consider this accessory from the top. It starts with a lid, on the bottom of which there are teeth for crushing. Next goes the container itself, which we call chamber for grinding. There are also teeth on it. At the bottom we observe holes of a certain size. These holes’re meant for crushed contents falling through them. Note, you can’t see such holes on the two-piece. And now for convenience we have a third part, a container collecting shredded weed. After the procedure, we can take down this container and collect crushed marijuana for further use.

Thus, we can draw up the following scheme for easier understanding:

Complex of Lid with Grinding bowl plus Collection container makes up three pieces and two chambers.

Four-Piece (3-chamber)

This kind of grinder has a mesh surface on the collection chamber. There is another container under the collection chamber that is called — kief chamber. All this works as follows: while crushing, large pieces of marijuana get into collection container. Our task is to get smaller pices, so we keep on grinding the mass. When weed reaches the size of the pollen, it settles at the very bottom of the chamber. By the way, pollen-like consistency of marijuana is just called kief. We’ll devote the next section to it and describe kief in detail.

Here is an example for a visual representation:

If you add all four components: lid, grinding bowl, collection chamber and Kief chamber, it turns out to be — Four pieces’n three chambers. After reading, it’s a proper time to go to practice, but we won’t be in a hurry. Something important is still left that must be surely discussed.

Advantages of the Grinder

Marijuana goes in crop time. Such season is best for unforgettable adventures, but without a grinder one can never do. Large volumes of weed require appropriate fixtures. Weed grinder would be the perfect solution. It has so many advantages that you can get tired of listing them all. Check out the most valuable virtues.

First of all — kief! We have repeatedly talked about this miracle, but we didn’t give a concrete explanation. OK, here we go! Kief’s a cannabioid mass obtained during marijuana crushing process. In other words, it’s cellular cannabis compounds that are taken off the plant’s trichoms. This substance is considered to be elite kind, because it’s pure and provides the most powerful effect. It is in huge demand in all communities, used as an additive to bongs, blunts, hookah, etc. Those who have decided to buy a grinder for the first time, we recommend to start with a kief chamber grinder. Perhaps it will cost more, but all the costs will pay back in full.


The more you grind the herb, the more powerful it becomes. It’s pure truth and there’s no magic in it. While crushing, pieces acquire an equal size, which increases their density. As a result, weed lights up easier. Moreover, shredding stops such a process as canoeing, thus making bud burn fairly smooth. It should be noted, in fact, crushing does not allow trichomes get soaked into your skin, that is, limits the contact of bud with the hands.

It is grinding that allows you to fully enjoy the aroma of magical Mint Girl Scout Cookies and learn all the shades of quality weed. For many, this is not the most important, especially for those who need to just get high, but believe me, the aromas make smoking even more pleasant.

Saving your time. Indeed, well-ground marijuana saves much time. Sometimes it makes a big difference when you want to smoke too bad. Manual grinding would take lots of precious minutes, maybe even hours.

Saves your budget. As we said, well shredded weed much tighter, than the one that of the whole buds. It turns out that it saves a lot of money, because you need less stuff to achieve proper effect. One ounce can last much longer, it is a net benefit.

Easy smoke. It may seem that such quality is not particularly in demand, but I will stand my ground. Small grains burn very smoothly and unburnt parts of herb won’t tear the lungs. Smoke will penetrate every cell of the body with amazing ease.

Easy to transport. Someone’s going to say I’ve got a backpack, I care no damn. Hold on, you don’t live in the Middle Ages. Why would you carry weed in a bag, it’s not the right kind of hauling for such a valuable cargo. We got a simple way out — a grinder. In it, your marijuana will feel much more comfortable. And you’re going to look cool, like a real man with a pot by his hand. Enough silly chatter, go buy a grinder right now! I mean it. When you come back with the purchase, we’ll tell you what to do with it.

Using Guidelines

Now let’s look at how the grinder is used. Feel good!

1) Load the thing you’ve just bought

Open the lid with no sharp tugs. Using your fingers, gently crumble the bud into medium pieces. Don’t put these pieces in the center of the grinder. That’s the whole point. There’s never enough crushing in the center, you’d just waste time.

2) Shred your hemp

Put back the lid. Now you have to hold the grinder in one hand and slowly turn the lid with your free hand. First it goes with effort, so give it a little strength. Continue turning the cover until it moves easily. If effort is not required, that means the consistency is ready.

3)Dab the grinder

Before pulling out the lid, you need to do one important thing. Namely, slap the grinder upon some solid object. If you don’t have the right thing for the dab, apply your own palm. This is essential for all the crumbled marijuana to shift into the collection container, so the kief could pass through the mesh surface in greater quantities.

4) Gather weed

Disconnect the shredding container from the collection chamber. Now slowly scoop out all the contents from the container. Try not to damage the mesh if you have a Four piece chopper. Just don’t get despaired if couldn’t get enough kief at first time. Mastery comes with practice. Either way, your first crumbled weed will give you a lot of pleasure.

5) Enjoy the success

In fact, there are no limitations on how to use hemp grounds. But we will give the simplest recommendations:

·         twirl a joint (the easiest thing to do with a flushed canabis);

·         make a crossing joint;

·         bundle a bowl;

·         brew ganja tea;

·         cook it with your favorite dishes;

If it’s allright with fantasy, then get patient and create a tincture, fry on oil or shake a milk weed cocktail.

Good Advices On Using a Grinder

By using a grinder for a week, you’ll have a little experience in which grinder is more productive. But we have also prepared some tips to alleviate your part:

·         aluminium or zinc grinder is best for use (not cheap option);

·         the more teeth and holes, the more bud you’ll get;

·         do not put a lot of canabis in the grinder at once (the quality of product will not be good);

·         make a few rotations, turning the grinder upside down;

·         in order to dislodge kief from the mesh, use a coin, washing it beforehand.

If talking about disadvantages of the grinder, you can’t ever find them. Therefore, boldly buy this item today, without delaying for a minute. To finally dispel all doubts, talk to the ganjatenders in your area.

Any canabistender is happy to give one per sample. They always have shredders on display. In addition, they can conduct an excellent consultation on the use of a grinder and talk about more amazing ways to crumble cannabis. More information about the best weed products is available on our Cillabis.com website. Waiting for you tonight.

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